Lisa Lutz

Listen to the Podcast! Lisa Lutz’s new novel The Passenger arrives in stores on Tuesday, March 1. It is a novel about the road, desperation and identity. It keeps you guessing until the last few pages, when you finally understand why our narrator of many names has had to run …


Mark Coker

Listen to the Podcast! Mark Coker changed the publishing world when he created Smashwords in 2008. Today he talks about that site’s genesis, self-publishing, the power of free and what the opening of Cuba means to his company. Listen to the Podcast!

Tom Davis

Tom Davis

Listen to the Podcast! Tom Davis has led a most interesting life: From a violent broken home to a year in prison …

Rob Rains

Rob Rains

Listen to the Podcast! Rob Rains has been writing about baseball for many years, co-authoring books with Jack Buck and Tony LaRussa. …


Dave Marr

Listen to the Podcast! Dave Marr has a new album! Around these parts, that’s a cause for celebration! Listen to three songs …


Blaine Bartlett

Listen to the Podcast! Blaine Bartlett has emerged as a leadership coach and developmental guru. He is currently working with Bob Proctor …


Cynthia Kersey

Listen to the Podcast! Cynthia Kersey dropped out of corporate America to write a book, Unstoppable. Her divorce sent her in a different direction …


Lenny Kaye

Listen to the Podcast! Lenny Kaye: Producer of the garage rock classic Nuggets album, right hand man to the poet laureate of rock …


Laurie Lindeen

Listen to the Podcast! Laurie Lindeen came to prominence in the rock band Zuzu’s Petals, a Minneapolis favorite from the 1990s who …


The Georgia Cousins, Part 1

Watch The Video! Listen to the Podcast! As we inch closer to the release of my novel Southern Gothic, I will be …